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Can you tell us about the moment you realised you wanted to pursue a career in music?

My parents told me that I used to constantly sing radio’s top hits when I was 2 years old. During my teen years, I loved covering songs and writing my own lyrics. It was only until my second year of university where I actually picked up my 7 year old guitar and began learning. It all took off from there. After taking on an office job, I knew that “the desk life” wasn’t for me. So, I decided to take a leap of faith, and quit my job 4 months before the biggest day of my life: My wedding. Who knew that months after, the song I wrote and surprised my wife with for our slow dance, would be a song played at weddings worldwide. But that’s a story of its own!

What made you choose “Llunr”?

I get this question a lot! My name is Bader. Bader in Arabic means ‘full moon’. In English, the moon has many names, including ‘lunar’. Add a splash of aesthetic and you get LLUNR. insert exploding mind sound effect here.

How would you describe the music that you make?

You know when you feel like the main character after watching a good movie? That's the kind of experience I have when I listen to songs, and because my music is derived from honest experiences and expression, I strive to give my listeners the same experience. So, grab your popcorn.

What are some key elements that drive you to continue making music?

“What if’s?”. What if I quit my job to pursue music? If I hear a song that hits me HARD; What if somewhere on this globe there's a person that is resonating with my music, and it's impacting them the same way it impacted me while writing them. What if my face is on a billboard somewhere in Times Square? Or if I ever get to go on Jimmy Fallon or any other of my favorite hosts. WHAT IF I get to become a full-time artist? Make a living. Tour. Share. Create. Let my mind roam free. The "What if's" fuel me. The impact I see, the messages I read, the responses, the engagement, the PEOPLE of the WORLD, feel the same way I do. I'm just expressing it through music.

What would you say is the biggest moment of your career so far?

I am honestly proud and blessed to have some of my dream achievements and moments happen to me. They are all big to me. Before hitting the milestones, you have to pass by the little mile pebbles. But some of my major ones include the messages I receive from people who have been positively affected by the music. I never knew that my music could change people’s lives that way… I consider everyone on my journey as family, because we’re all on the same boat here. Going through the same life experiences. These are the ones that are immeasurable and, in my opinion, priceless. With that being said, my other major achievements include going viral across East Asia, seeing people use my latest single IN THEIR WEDDINGS across the GLOBE, scoring playlists amongst my favorite artists and being on the cover of ARAB X, and so much more! I am very grateful and blessed.

Tell us about your creative process. Has it always been the same?

My creative process has changed drastically throughout the years. After a load of trial and error, learning, practicing, shadowing/producing with my engineers, Issa, Masis and Rayan Bailouni, being influenced by artists from all over, learning how to edit videos, posting on TikTok and taking courses online with major artists like Charlie Puth, my process has developed BIG time. But one thing stayed and will always stay, and that’s being true to my art. My music comes from the heart. Each song carries a big piece of me.

Where have you performed? What was your favourite venue to perform in?

Funny enough, I have not yet performed live except for once with a fellow artist/friend of mine, AceQuared. Other than that, I have performed at open mic nights at Corners, a local restaurant in Amman. That place is special to my heart, as Mais, the owner, gave a few amazing artists, including myself, a platform to share our music in Jordan’s local scene. However, one day soon, you’ll see more live performances from me!

What is the meaning behind your latest release “All caps”?

One of my best friends/fellow artist, AceQuared, and I wrote this song together while freestyling over the guitar one day. We were both on the same wavelength and have always wanted to find that one person to share a life with, grow up, and as cliche as it may sound, ride out into the sunset, travel the world and buy a house in every capital. Hence the title "ALL CAPS" (all capitals). This song sheds light on young love. The kind where the couple would imagine all the things they could do, an ode to being young, wild and free. The kind of love where you just want to grow up and have the freedom, no worries, and all the money in the world to make every absurd promise come true.

What is your favourite release in recent years?

Each release has its own special place in my heart, they’re like my babies, weirdly enough, each track has a story to tell, and they all came at the right time. Right now, my favorite release is my latest! I personally can’t stop listening to it, which may sound a bit cocky to say, but I think it’s a good thing when an artist makes a song that he/she has probably heard a million times, and still loves listening to it even after it’s complete.

Can you talk about upcoming releases in 2022? Can we expect an album?

No album just yet! But I’ve never been this excited to put out the next few tracks that are coming out this year. Each has its own story, and no track is like the other. Which worries me a bit, but like me, and the council of Llunr’s in my head, they have different personalities, and that’s okay!

What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the coming years?

I have a lot of hopes and dreams and manifestations that I see coming true. I know that right now these accomplishments are not ready to be prized, but with consistency, truth, and honest work, the future is bright.

Who have you worked with from the region? Can we expect more features soon?

I have most recently worked with brilliant engineers and producers such as Issa Shahin, Masis Mardirossian, Rayan Bailouni and AceQuared writing on my latest single “ALL CAPS”. Currently I am focusing more on my solo work, but I am ALWAYS up for features in the near future. There’s something about artists coming together from different backgrounds and lives lived that make collaborations magical. Especially when they’re on the same wavelength.

What is the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you?

Honestly, there’s a combination of all advices I’ve gotten along with my experiences. It's really tough to strive to become an artist. It truly is a rollercoaster ride full of sharp highs and even sharper downs. Most of the time, as an independent artist, you might require to learn things outside of music. Photos, videos, editing, production, writing, posting, consistency, and more importantly, resilience. Because there's no RIGHT way of doing something. It's all about trial and error, and with that comes A LOT of frustrations. Sometimes...an artist needs to be their own label. The great part about this, is that every person has the tools to "make it happen". We live in a world where social media and technology has changed the game. Sometimes you want to give up. It really is a tough industry. But I'm more of an advocate of 'you work with what you have' and no matter where you are on the planet, doors will open.

Describe your favourite interaction with a fan.

I love my fans, they are considered family! Again, we’re all on the same boat. I cherish every single interaction. However, my latest interaction revolved around “ALL CAPS” before it was even out! A woman, no name needed, God bless her, sent me a Direct Message to tell me about her interaction with one of my viral videos revolving around the song. She and her boyfriend are struggling in life after they found out that he needs brain surgery. She’s been hustling trying to make ends meet for the both of them. One day coming back from a long day of work, she stumbled upon my video that included the lyrics, “Let’s grow up…worries behind a million buck in our bank accounts and we’re fine… when we grow old, we’ll live every story we’ve wrote, make our promises and buy a house in every capital we like… where would we go?” Long story short, after listening to these bits of the track, they are planning on taking a cheap flight to Milan and living their best life before the surgery. Stories like these hit me different. They make me realize that my music isn't just tied to my own experiences, but are intertwined with others.

Talk us through an average day like for you?

In a nutshell: Wake up, coffee, studio, content creation, radio show (yes, I’m also a radio host), then I either stay home, hang out with friends, or jump on a call making more music. I also do voice-overs/voice-acting on the side for an extra buck. I make sure to have a mental break during the course of the day, and if I don’t find the time, then after my day/night ends, I take a good mind-numbing break playing video games, watching a show, chilling with my wife and cats, reading a book, or baking cookies. Shower, sleep, and repeat.

What would’ve been your career if you weren’t making music?

Acting. It was my second love.

What does your involvement in the Regional Artist Spotlight mean to you?

It honestly means the absolute world! Being a part of such a movement is a humbling honor. Shedding light across the regional scene is such an important and difficult task to do. Seeing you guys take on the challenge like the bosses you are is immaculate. Artists in this scene make music, and you guys are another major outlet to get their music out there, and for that I salute. This is definitely a milestone for the books that I am truly grateful for.

What is your top 5 after-party playlist?

This is such a tough one! But off the top of my head…

  1. All my friends - Snakehips ft. Tinashe, Chance the Rapper
  2. Wait a minute! - WILLOW
  3. Miserable Man - David Kushner
  4. Any Post Malone song
  5. Don’t keep driving - The Paper Kites These are not in order, they’re more like the multiple moods that come in the after-party haha.