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Can you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to pursue music?

I’m not sure whether or not I had an exact moment that made me realise I wanted to make music, but one occasion I remember vividly is my first performance at an open mic on a random weekday when I was first starting to build the courage to share my music with people other than my friends. The energy and connection I made with the audience that night ignited a passion I realised I’ve been missing for the longest time since my childhood. Since then, I never looked back.

How would you describe the music that you make?

I wouldn’t put the music I make under one umbrella, but I’d say it’s honest & versatile. I tend to look at my music like a garden full of different fruits & vegetables that keeps on growing.

What are some key elements that drive you to continue making music?

I never was the kind of person who shared much of themselves on social media or their thoughts through an app. When I found how expressive music can be, I couldn’t see another medium of self-expression as fitting for the person that I am. The fact that some people like my music enough to keep asking for more also keeps me going. Lastly, nothing beats the feeling of creating a song or piece of art that truly encapsulates how you feel at a certain point. It really feels like magic sometimes.

What would you say is the biggest moment of your career so far?

To be honest my whole career so far has been feeling like one big moment. I haven’t had any huge shows or opened for anyone big yet. But the fact that I get to express myself through music and finding people who relate to it is my biggest achievement so far. Also, knowing that my parents support me doing what I do is the greatest feeling.

Tell us about your creative process when writing or making music? Has it always been the same?

It’s always different. I started off writing rap verses to instrumentals or classic hip hop beats I found on YouTube, but slowly started falling in love with the art of songwriting in general. Sometimes I let the melody & vibe dictate the song and other times I let the lyricist in me take their time and be more analytical with what I want to say next in my songs. Recently I’ve been journaling more and writing down my thoughts even if they aren’t lyrics as a source to grab inspiration from later when I’m in a session creating.

Walk us through your latest release ‘West Side’?

West Side is a song I made back in 2021 with my longtime producer and day one homie, Nar. One day we were sitting and discussing the idea of going full autotune on the vocals since I didn’t have a song that sounded like that at the time. We made the beat of the song and recorded the first half in one day, and recorded the second part later. As two immigrants who grew up in the middle east but now live in the west while also residing in the west side of our city, we decided to make the hook revolve around the popular hip hop phrase “West Side” that 2pac used in his songs. Essentially paying homage, but also mirroring our reality in a way that we thought was cool.

How did introducing Arabic lyrics into your songs elevate your profile in the industry?

I believe it added an extra layer of authenticity to my sound as it became more believable that this is actually me behind the songs. It made sense to the friends who knew me personally, my family, and to myself most importantly. For me introducing Arabic into my lyrics was more than just to fit my profile in the industry or look the part; it is who I am. Depending on the mood, I could write full songs in Arabic, or full songs in English, and sometimes I would mix both languages into one song. I don’t think there should be any rules to expressing myself.

If you could share the stage with any artists, who would it be and why?

The first artist that come to mind is Amr Diab solely because I know the young kid in me who grew up on his songs and fell in love with them would freak out. Another one is Frank Ocean, as I feel like his music changed my life and inspired me to become an artist myself. And lastly, I see myself making a hit with Russ as well one day as a lot of people say I remind them of him in some ways.

What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the coming years?

Musically my ambitions are limitless, but I want to see myself learning the piano and getting back to an instrument after being introduced to the guitar in the beginning of my musical journey.

Tell us about your upcoming releases. Can we expect any albums in the near future?

I’m super super excited to share a new sound that I’ve been working on since late last year starting with my next release “High Hopes”. Whether it does numbers or not, I can say I’m proud of the music I’m planning on releasing this year. There’s no album in sight but there’s enough music for multiple EP’s as well as music that I consider “album worthy” that I’m holding onto in case I need to make one tomorrow. For now, I’m enjoying the process of growing and seeing myself improve as a songwriter day after day.

Who would you like to work with from the region that you haven’t worked with in the past?

I would love to work with artists & producers from the Egyptian rap scene as they really inspired me to start making music in arabic myself and become a fan of so many. I would love to make a track with Marwan Pablo, Big Moe, and Arsenik just to name a few.

What is the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you?

Always remember why you started when it seems like no one is listening. Detach from the results and keep going, you never know who’s watching.

Describe your favourite interaction with a fan.

Every fan interaction is special and close to my heart. One that stands out from recent memory is a fan sending her baby boy vibing to one of my songs “Wanna” which warmed my heart. Little things like that people send me mean the world and keeps me going.

Talk us through an average day like for you? And, what do you do in your free time (outside of music)?

An average day for me would be: go to work in the morning, and make my way to the gym as soon as I’m done. I would either already have food prepped or I’ll cook; and definitely spend my free time on music in some way or form whether it’s recording, shooting content, or mixing songs.

What does your involvement in the Flash Entertainment’s Regional Artist Spotlight mean to you?

It is truly an honor to be featured. This is one of those moments in my career where it shows that I’m doing something right and to keep going. I’ve been blessed enough to get some recognition where I live in the West but it hits different when it comes from your people and a community that will always feel like home.

What is your top 5 after-party playlist?
  1. The Morning - The Weeknd
  2. Hold on We’re Going Home – Drake & Majid Jordan
  3. The Color Violet - Tory Lanez
  4. Seigfried - Frank Ocean
  5. High Hopes - Mazyn