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Sandra Sahi

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Can you tell us about the moment you realised you wanted to pursue a career in music?

I knew I wanted to become an artist one day ever since I was 6 or 7 years old. I remember spending my days watching Disney musicals and trying to replicate them in my room.

How would you describe the music that you make?

I would describe the music I make as flavored, variated, and authentic. I jumped to explore different styles and languages over the years, and I believe that’s what is making my music unique.

What are some key elements that drive you to continue making music?

The burning flame I have for my passion is definitely one of the main elements, but I also have to mention the constant support I get from my family, friends, people from the industry, and last but not least, my fans.

What would you say is the biggest moment of your career so far?

The biggest moment of my career so far is a big project I have in the works with Nakheel, which will be shown to the whole world very soon.

Can you talk about your creative process? Has it always been the same?

My creative process has always been the same. What changes is the people and studio I work with! However, I must say the music producers are the ones who always inspire every melody, lyric and story. Give me a simple melody and I’ll write the entire song in less than a day.

Where have you performed? What was your favourite venue to perform in?

I have performed across many venues in the UAE in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. One that marked me the most, however, was RedFest DXB a few years ago because it was my first-time experiencing such a wide and large crowd - I felt that I really got to make my dream come true at such a young age.

What is the meaning behind your latest release “Marbella”?

Marbella is a very cool summer hit about catching feelings for someone on a beautiful summer journey and holding that person close ever since.

What is your favourite release in recent years?

Ahhh, it’s very hard to choose a favourite song amongst my recent releases, but I would say the most meaningful one was my song “Toxic” that I released in November 2021. It’s definitely a very personal track to me.

Can you talk about upcoming releases in 2022? Can we expect an album?

I wouldn’t say an album but definitely more singles starting May with many more cool genres and new styles I’m exploring!

Describe your favourite interaction with a fan.

A young fan come to me years ago in Dubai Mall, asking to take a photo with me but her hand was shaking so much that I offered to take the photo instead. I won’t forget it because this was my first ever encounter with a fan.

What is an average day like for you?

I’m either having the laziest day ever, or the most hectic one. It ranges from having a show day, interviews, shoots all the way to working on my own stuff, going out with friends, or spending time with the family.

What would’ve been your career if you weren’t making music?

If I weren’t making music, I would have definitely remained in the media industry whether it’s in PR, Marketing of Production. I love it so much.

What does your involvement in the Regional Artist Spotlight mean to you?

I am beyond blessed and thankful to be supported by such an important platform in the region which sheds light on regional artists. It means a lot as an independent artist to get this kind of recognition.

What is your top 5 after-party playlist?
  1. Calm Down - Rema
  2. Suavemente – Soolking
  3. Marbella – Sandra Sahi
  4. Do It To It – Acraze ft. Cherish
  5. Dodo – Tayc