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How did you get into music?

I’ve always listened to music as a kid, specifically Western music, because I would watch MTV and just get immersed in the sounds. When I turned 11 I started to discover my voice and really enjoy singing. I would imagine writing songs, and having my own music one day. A couple of years later, I started taking voice lessons and participated at the school musicals and choirs. During a summer in college, I met a family friend, Zahed Sultan. He's an artist and producer who I started to work with - that’s when I released my first song Little Girl. The rest is history.

How would you describe the music that you make?

I love making music that bridges the worlds of Pop and Hip Hop with Trap elements and Arabic instruments.

Who are the artists, or people, who inspire you?

Some of the artists I’m really inspired by at the moment are Banks, Post Malone, Lana Del Rey, Aeris Roves, Fairuz (always).

Who are the artists, or people, who inspire you?

Some of the artists I’m really inspired by at the moment are Banks, Post Malone, Lana Del Rey, Aeris Roves, Fairuz (always).

What are your latest musical accomplishments?

To name a few, releasing my single ISMAK along with the music video, performing at Expo 2020 Dubai in October and November of this year, being a part of the XP music conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, happening this December.

What is your creative process like? Was this process different when you first started making music?

My favorite way is to sit on the piano and write. When I first started writing and making music, I didn’t play any instruments - I would just sing the words with melodies that came to my mind, and I recorded the ones I liked. Sometimes I write the words first (like in my song Gender Game), but most of the time I write the melodies with words I make up, and then I write what I really want to say. Working in the studio with a producer is a bit of a different process., They usually start the beat based on the vibe we want and the inspirations we play to each other, and then I write melodies over that.

What has been the biggest obstacle of your career?

The biggest obstacle has definitely been me being completely comfortable with who I am in order to be able to confidently share that with the world. It’s normal to have doubts and concerns about what others might say or feel, but I’ve really worked on myself to focus on listening to my body and my gut, when it comes to making decisions, rather than thinking about what others might say or do. This has changed everything for me, and I hope my story can help more and more people become comfortable and confident with themselves. I know the world would be a better and more peaceful place if everyone paid attention to their intuitions.

What would you say is the highlight of your career so far?

My new music! ISMAK is the first single, and the EP comes out in early 2022. I’m so excited about it, and I feel like it’s my biggest highlight so far because I’ve grown so much as an artist and I am more aware of how I want to say what I want to say. I always knew what I wanted to say, but I’ve been working on the delivery for years. I wouldn’t change a thing about my journey because I’m loving it, and learning so much through the entire process.

Where have you performed? What was your favourite venue to perform at?

Kuwait Rising was an amazing music festival I performed at! ! I would say that it is one of my favorites because the energy of the people was insane and they were singing along, it was so beautiful. I’ve also performed at The Peppermint Club and Hotel Café in LA a few times – they were really fun. Performing at Expo 2020 Dubai this year was an incredible experience.

What are your latest releases? What is the story behind them?

My latest release ISMAK is a song about accepting all parts of yourself, and embracing your identity (identities), whatever that may be. Earlier this year I was featured on a track by Dioscures called “Back to”, it’s one of my favorite songs. It’s about following your passion without losing your home, or sense of peace - it’s about the mutual challenge and hope that goes with that. Before that, I released a song with Saud, a producer from Saudi, called “Heartsick”, during the pandemic, and the title gives the meaning away: it’s about the whole world being sick, and learning to heal.

Which one of these releases is your favourite and why?

Definitely ISMAK is my favorite so far, and I’m super excited for the EP to come out next year with my other new songs. These songs mean a lot to me because I can say that the lyrics are super honest and personal, as I always aim to be. I worked with incredible people on the project who really inspired me to dig deeper and elevate my sound; such as Creative Director Mohamed Sqalli, Music Producer Malca, the Video Directors and Creatives behind Bleu Nuit, the Stylist Latifa Bint Saad, Deema Sabbagh and Sacha who co-wrote the ISMAK single with me, my managers and team: Yanin Gonzalez and Mohamed Sqalli. Of course, there are many more people who contributed to the project, the full credits for ISMAK are under the YouTube video, it's all about teamwork and I feel very blessed.

Are you working with any other artists right now? What is your dream collaboration?

Right now, I’m focused on my releases, but I’ve worked with amazing artists such as Dioscures and Shobee; and I really hope to collaborate with them more for my next project, which will be a full album insha’Allah. Malca, who produced the songs on the EP, is also an artist, and I love collaborating with him. Other producers who are involved are Luke Walton and Brandon Woodward, they are in a band called Fein, and I hope to keep working with them as well! I’m so lucky because it’s already a dream come true to be working with the creatives I’m currently working with. It would also be a dream to work with The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey, Post Malone...to name a few.

What is an average day like for you?

Wake up, Pray/meditate, have a coffee (a must for me! and not because I’m addicted, but just because I truly enjoy it, at least that's what I tell myself). I try to workout at least 4 times a week. Then I answer emails and have breakfast. Do my voice lesson, practice piano. If I have a performance coming up, I practice in front of a mirror to get more comfortable (the more comfortable you are performing in front of yourself, the better you’ll be at performing in front of others). Some days I have meetings on Zoom or in person. Other days, I have writing sessions or studio sessions.

What is your passion outside of music? (You can name more than one)

Being outdoors: I enjoy hiking, horseback riding, playing tennis, skiing, snowboarding, surfing. I just love doing things outside and appreciating nature; even simple things like walking around whichever city I’m in, and discovering new places.

What does your involvement in the Regional Artist Spotlight mean to you?

I’m honestly so honored to be highlighted in the region. To me it means that I get to share my music and my message with more people in the Middle East, and it gives me an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with my listeners and supporters.

What is your top 5 after-party playlist?
  1. Lala - Shkoon
  2. Bongo Bong - Manu Chao
  3. I follow rivers - Lykke Li, The magician
  4. Atab ( Hadi Zeidan remake) Shab Abed, Hadi Zeidan
  5. Morrow - 070 Shake